Career counseling

Whether you’re a fresh graduate or a professional you might be doing it wrong for so many different reasons: aiming a non-suitable career path, wrong job search strategy, lack of highlighting your capacities and abilities in your CV (both personal and technical), repeating mistakes at the interview stage…

At the IRC we will coach you and direct you to discover your real strengths and how to use those for a perfect next step either in your current employment or a new one!

Discover yourself

We have partnered with the best career testing providers. Whether you are a student and you need directions that help you discover your career interests or a professional who thinks that you have not been doing what you really love our testing solutions and results analysis will give clear you directions your strengths.

Not sure of your hiring decision?

We all know the cost of a wrong hiring!

Companies and leaders who want to improve they hiring decision and make sure they are brining on board the best technical and cultural fit new member

Our tests provide companies with a testing platform that will allow them to customize their company specific tests with their own questions, answers, and scoring logic.