IRC Recruitment

We are the leading regional Recruitment Consulting firm with presence in Lebanon, Jordan, UAE, KSA, Qatar, Iraq, and Egypt.

We use our market and cultural knowledge to introduce the top-tier professionals who will be both cultural and technical fit to your company and vacancy. Our resourceful team is keen to stay up to date with the most recent recruitment techniques & tools that make the process an efficient one.

We adopt a talent acquisition business partnership approach and ensure and enjoyable experience to all stakeholders engaged (hiring managers, candidates and TA leads).

Our process start by a depth understanding about your culture and values, your company structure and teams ‘dynamics. We then, kick off the full recruitment cycle while ensuring an accurate feedback and in-time responses.

IRC Group has been among the leaders in the recruiting industry since its inception in 2001. 

3 Different Types Of Recruitment Services

Contingent Recruitment

Want to hire a permanent role?
We are here to understand your mission, vision, values, structure, teams’ dynamics and match you with the best technical and cultural fit talents & professionals out there. We’re a click away!

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

You pay a simple monthly management fee, agreed upon your actual recruitment needs and workforce plan. You get assigned a dedicated Recruitment team including a Senior Talent Acquisition Business Partner who will act as your Key Account Manager.
You hire as many people as you need.
Your recruitment operating budget is optimized.

GIG Recruitment

The business world has suddenly changed. The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted significant change in the workforce, and on the very way that individuals and organizations work; Recruitment is one of the aspects that were affected indeed and that requires today, more than ever before, flexibility. With our Gig-recruitment service we introduce you to flexible, temporary, project-based, and interim on-time available professionals.